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Horrible name, amazing content.
NOVEMBER 16, 2017 (ended) • SAN FRANCISCO
PRESENTED by The Hustle

About Con Con

Con Con is a one day conference focused on teaching startups how to create and then use content to acquire new users and customers. We bring you experts from digital media companies, social media stars, and content aficionados to show how they build and monetize massive audiences.

Con Con is created by The Hustle, an online publication for forward thinkers interested in business, tech, culture, and design.

How does Con Con work?

Con Con works like a one day college course. You show up and are taught strategies for creating and distributing great content. Except at Con Con, you’re not paying $50,000 a year to attend… because it’s only one day and doesn’t cost $50,000. And you’ll actually use what you learn. And your professors have actually accomplished what they’re teaching. And you won’t want to skip it.

We’ve gathered the most successful people in media to give 20-minute keynotes on actionable tactics for creating, distributing, and profiting from great content. You’ll learn about idea generation, creating both video and written content, how to distribute it to millions, and turning those visitors into users or customers.

The conference will be at the Brava Theater – a concert-style venue – in San Francisco. Capacity is limited to 350 people.

Should I come?

If you want to learn from the best content creators in the world and hear their stories, then yes, come. If you want to see in real time how articles with millions of visitors are created, then yes you should come.

If you’re a founder, public company employee, wanna-be creator, or are already in the media industry and want to meet 300+ similar people who are hungry to learn what you want to learn, then you should definitely come.

One of our previous event attendees once said, “It felt like I was having an intellectual orgasm during each talk.” That’s pretty gross, but if you want to have an “intellectual orgasm” then yeah, you should come too. You sicko.


2017 speakers


Schedule of events


Note: Con Con 2017 is now over. We'll be posting links to each of these talks in December 2017, which you can watch for free on YouTube. If you want to be the first to know when the videos are up, enter your email address at the top of this page.


registration & breakfast

Brava Theater Lobby



Sam Parr, Founder @ The Hustle


Know Your Audience

Michael Dolan, Creative Director @ Quartz


Quartz is a digital news publication that produces high-quality content about the new global economy. Michael Dolan, the Creative Director of Quartz, will explain how his team uses data to understand their audience, and then create content tailored specifically for them.

How We Grew a Personal Blog Into a Media Company With 16 Million Monthly Readers

Alexis Grant, Editorial Director @ The Penny Hoarder


The Penny Hoarder is the fastest growing private media company in the United States. At Con Con, Executive Editor Alexis Grant will explain how she integrates her company's mission into their editorial process to create a system that is repeatable, scaleable, and consistently produces high-quality content.

The boring stuff about writing that no one ever talks about but is really, really useful if you want people to actually real your stuff

Sam Parr, Founder & CEO @ The Hustle


The Hustle is a media company with a daily email that delivers business, tech, and startup news. With 500k subscribers, The Hustle is one of the fastest-growing media companies in the country. At Con Con, Sam will explain how he's cultivating a highly engaged community using an email-first strategy.

How Beardbrand got 50 Million Views on YouTube

Eric Bandholz, Founder @ Beardbrand


Beardbrand is a men's lifestyle company that combines content with commerce. The bulk of their content lives on YouTube, where they get over 150k views every day. At Con Con, Eric will share his tips for increasing your YouTube traffic, and how to thrive within YouTube's parameters.

Lunch Break -- treat yo'self


Building the Machine

Neville Medhora, Founder @ KopywritingKourse, NevBlog, AppSumo, etc.


Neville Medhora figured out in the pre-Google days you can get a bunch of very-targeted people to come to your website, consume your material, and even buy. At Con Con, he's going to explain how he set up an automated process that provides a ton of value to his users, without requiring a ton of upkeep and marketing.

Don't suck at writing

Matthew Smith, Founder @ Really Good Emails


Really Good Emails is the destination site for inspiring and successful emails. They are experts when it comes to effective email design strategies, and understand what makes an email great. At Con Con, Matthew will share specific tactics on how to grab your readers' attention via email,  from subject lines, to the greeting, to how you sign your name. 

"I Need That": How to drive commerce through content

Marshall Morris, Founder @ &


Marshall Morris is the founder and CEO of and The 4-year old media company attracts over 10m monthly readers, and has over 1m e-commerce customers thanks to their content strategy, which includes publishing over 400 pieces of content every month. At Con Con, Marshall will explain how his company uses content to convert their readers and community members into paying customers.



Q&A With Camille Ricketts

Camille Ricketts, Head of Content & Marketing @ First Round Review   |   Moderator: Sam Parr, Founder @ TheHustle


First Round Capital is a seed-stage venture capital firm... and their blog, First Round Review, attracts over 500k pageviews a month. Pretty cool, especially for a VC firm, which aren't known for having world-class content. At Con Con, The Hustle's founder Sam Parr will interview Camille about her strategies, tips, and tools for creating innovative and shareable content. 

Building a Global Community On Social: What's Worked & What Hasn't

Jason Lemkin, Founder @ Saastr Fund


Jason Lemkin is a two-time founder, one-time VC, and constant SaaS enthusiast. His social content has over 1m views a month, and he also hosts the largest B2B SaaS conference in the world with 10,000+ attendees. At Con Con, Jason will share how he converts readers of his blog and other channels into paying attendees at his conference.

Q&A with Jason Lemkin

Jason Lemkin, Founder @ Saastr Fund   |   Moderator: Sam Parr, Founder @ TheHustle


Pre-event crowd-sourced questions will drive this Q&A between Jason Lemkin and Sam Parr.

Anyone Out There? How to create content people actually want

Forrest Bryant, Director of Content @ Evernote


Forrest Bryant leads a team of content creators that keeps millions of people engaged and informed through a beloved global brand: Evernote. At Con Con, Forrest will specific strategies to create content people actually see, and to ensure that your message sticks with those readers.

Closing Remarks


Con Con After Party!

Brava Theater lobby for all Con Con ticket holders


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