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What's the deal with Con Con workshops?

To pump up the value of Con Con, we're putting on 3 content-related workshops. Each workshop will dive deep into the topics presented at Con Con.

These workshops will happen on November 5, the day after Con Con. You can expect hands-on instruction, small class sizes, and instructors who are experts in their fields.

Wanna come? Just click the links below to sign up for whatever workshops look the most interesting.


Learn how to use medium - $20

Elizabeth Tobey, Head of Community Engagement at Medium

We all know Medium as the popular publishing platform used by bloggers, celebrities, and politicians (looking at you, Barack). With so much noise on the site, how do you make your content stand out?

Well, that’s what Elizabeth Tobey is gonna teach you in this workshop.



Hassan S. Ali, Creative Marketing Director at The Onion

FACT: People now have a shorter attention span than goldfish! So how do you, as a content creator, grab people's attention? In this workshop, you'll use hands-on exercises to learn the 3 factors that’ll take your content from good to great.



Marissa Fortson, Director of Marketing at Sandwich Video

So you wanna make a video. How will you get it seen? Post to YouTube or Facebook and pray for a miracle? Not a strong strategy.

In this workshop, Sandwich’s director of marketing will teach you how to create a publishing schedule, explain the best methods of distribution for each social channel, help you figure out what kind of video is best for your brand, and how to tackle the problem of SEO.