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"How do I get millions of people to come to my site?"

Hey internet stranger, what’s going on?

We launched The Hustle in August of 2015 as a newsletter that covers business news. Since then, we’re regularly emailed by people asking how we’ve consistently created content that attracts millions.

So who are these people emailing us?

They’re the people behind amazing products, services, apps, and websites. Many times, they’ve built company blogs, Facebook pages, or other initiatives to use content to attract users. But still, they struggle to get their product in front of customers, and lose millions in potential revenue.

And so, to answer the questions that all of you have on how to get millions of people to see your product, we’re hosting a one-day event where we will bring together the leaders of America’s biggest media brands to explain how they do it.

Who are these speakers? They’re media startup founders, social media stars, viral video creators, and more. Collectively, our speakers have well over a billion people a month consuming their content.

And at Con Con, these speakers will explain, using very specific tactics, how they consistently create shareable content. They’ll explain their frameworks, behind-the-scene examples of what works (and what doesn’t), and will even create content in real time to show you how to do it.

We hope you can make it. You can check out pictures from past events to see the vibe or email me ( or my team directly (

Talk soon,

Sam Parr, co-founder of The Hustle