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Horrible name, amazing content.
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About Con Con

Con Con is a one day conference focused on teaching startups how to create and then use content to acquire new users and customers. We bring you experts from digital media companies, social media stars, and content aficionados to show how they build and monetize massive audiences.

Con Con is created by The Hustle, an online publication for forward thinkers interested in business, tech, culture, and design.

How does Con Con work?

Con Con works like a one day college course. You show up and are taught strategies for creating and distributing great content. Except at Con Con, you’re not paying $50,000 a year to attend… because it’s only one day and doesn’t cost $50,000. And you’ll actually use what you learn. And your professors have actually accomplished what they’re teaching. And you won’t want to skip it.

We’ve gathered the most successful people in media to give 20-minute keynotes on actionable tactics for creating, distributing, and profiting from great content. You’ll learn about idea generation, creating both video and written content, how to distribute it to millions, and turning those visitors into users or customers.

The conference will be at the Brava Theater – a concert-style venue – in San Francisco. Capacity is limited to 300 people.

Should I come?

If you want to learn from the best content creators in the world and hear their stories, then yes, come. If you want to see in real time how articles with millions of visitors are created, then yes you should come.

If you’re a founder, public company employee, wanna-be creator, or are already in the media industry and want to meet 300+ similar people who are hungry to learn what you want to learn, then you should definitely come.

One of our previous event attendees once said, “It felt like I was having an intellectual orgasm during each talk.” That’s pretty gross, but if you want to have an “intellectual orgasm” then yeah, you should come too. You sicko.


Our events are world famous


The details

When: Friday, November 04, 2016

Where: Brava Theater Center, 2781 24th St., San Francisco, CA 94110 

"How do I get millions of people to come to my site?"

Hey internet stranger, what’s going on?

We launched The Hustle in August of 2015 as a newsletter that covers business news. Since then, we’re regularly emailed by people asking how we’ve consistently created content that attracts millions.

So who are these people emailing us?

They’re the people behind amazing products, services, apps, and websites. Many times, they’ve built company blogs, Facebook pages, or other initiatives to use content to attract users. But still, they struggle to get their product in front of customers, and lose millions in potential revenue.

And so, to answer the questions that all of you have on how to get millions of people to see your product, we’re hosting a one-day event where we will bring together the leaders of America’s biggest media brands to explain how they do it.

Who are these speakers? They’re media startup founders, social media stars, viral video creators, and more. Collectively, our speakers have well over a billion people a month consuming their content.

And at Con Con, these speakers will explain, using very specific tactics, how they consistently create shareable content. They’ll explain their frameworks, behind-the-scene examples of what works (and what doesn’t), and will even create content in real time to show you how to do it.

We hope you can make it. You can check out pictures from past events to see the vibe or email me ( or my team directly (

Talk soon,

Sam Parr, co-founder of The Hustle


What's the deal with Con Con workshops?

To pump up the value of Con Con, we're putting on 3 content-related workshops. Each workshop will dive deep into the topics presented at Con Con.

These workshops will happen on November 5, the day after Con Con. You can expect hands-on instruction, small class sizes, and instructors who are experts in their fields.

Wanna come? Just click the links below to sign up for whatever workshops look the most interesting.


Learn how to use medium - $20

Elizabeth Tobey, Head of Community Engagement at Medium

We all know Medium as the popular publishing platform used by bloggers, celebrities, and politicians (looking at you, Barack). With so much noise on the site, how do you make your content stand out?

Well, that’s what Elizabeth Tobey is gonna teach you in this workshop.



Hassan S. Ali, Creative Marketing Director at The Onion

FACT: People now have a shorter attention span than goldfish! So how do you, as a content creator, grab people's attention? In this workshop, you'll use hands-on exercises to learn the 3 factors that’ll take your content from good to great.



Marissa Fortson, Director of Marketing at Sandwich Video

So you wanna make a video. How will you get it seen? Post to YouTube or Facebook and pray for a miracle? Not a strong strategy.

In this workshop, Sandwich’s director of marketing will teach you how to create a publishing schedule, explain the best methods of distribution for each social channel, help you figure out what kind of video is best for your brand, and how to tackle the problem of SEO.


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